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Synthetic Enamel Finish Paint

Product Description This is a quick drying finishing top coat based on specially made quick drying alkyd resin.
Recommended Uses Suitable for use on variety of surfaces as a top coat where fast drying is the norm for the use. It is ideal coating for dipping application also.
Mixing Ratio
One pack
Colour Any shade as per customer’s requirement.
Finish Matt ,Eggshell, Glossy
Pot Life N.A
Volume Solids 35 to 40 % depending on the shade
Flash point More than 25 ºC
Recommended DFT 20- 30 microns per coat
Covering Capacity 12 to 18 sq.mtrs / ltr
Drying Time Surface dry – 10 to 15 mins at 30 ºC & 65 % Relative Humidity

Hard Dry – 8 to 10 hrs at 30 ºC & 65 % Relative Humidity
Stoving Schedule N.A..
Recoating Time Min 8 hrs. at 30 ºC & 65 % Relative Humidity Max - None
Method of Application Brush / Roller / Conventional Spray / Airless Spray
Thinner recommended ‘ Spectracoat ’ Q.D. Thinner
Shelf life 12 months under normal storage conditions in original sealed containers.
Surface Preparation Surface should be free from mill scales , rust , oil , grease , moisture and any other foreign matter and properly primed.
Remarks 1. Application Data
Method Pressure ( Atm) Nozzle Thinner Thinner volume
Brush / Roller - - Spectracoat Q.D..Thinner 0 – 5 %
Conven.Spray 4 – 5
Spectracoat Q.D..Thinner 10 -15 %
Airless Spray 4 – 5 0.013 inch to 0.021 inch Spectracoat Q.D..Thinner 0 – 5 %
2. Don’t use below 10 ºC
3. Stirr well before and while using .
4. Film thickness other than indicated also possible.
Safety Precautions :
  Provide sufficient ventilation while working with solvent based paints in confined spaces and stagnant air.
  Keep the material away from heat, spark and direct flame
  Avoid inhalation of solvent vapour or paint mist by using facial mask .Use goggles and gloves to protect against direct contact of paint with
   skin and eyes.
  In case of contamination, rinse with fresh running water and seek medical help at once.
  Follow local & national safety rules.
Special Comments :
  Thinner consumption and actual coverage of paint depends on the site conditions.
  Stir the paint well before painting and while painting if necessary.
  Material should be stored at 30 ºC temperature in dry place.
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